Fruit # 1 – Against Cholesterol, Pressure And Stroke.

It is an amazing product that keeps your line and solve the most common problems with digestion.


If we trust in the scientific researches, dates are an excellent food that will protect you from cardiovascular disease.

Using dates in nutrition offers many health benefits.

These are just some of them:

1. Dates are rich in iron.

Dates are excellent source of this essential mineral, so are recommended to pregnant women, children and people suffering from anemia.

2. Prevent diarrhea.

Dates are rich in potassium, which facilitates the work of the intestine and stimulates the development of good bacteria.

3. Treat constipation.

Besides preventing diarrhea dates also solve the problem of constipation.


4. Keep you in good shape.

If you want to prevent the formation of fatty deposits, try every day to eat at least a couple of dates on an empty stomach.
But do not overdo it, because it is full of sugar.

5. Regulate cholesterol.

Dates proven to regulate the levels of bad cholesterol. The clean blood vessels have the power to prevent clotting.

6. Strengthen heart.

Regular consumption of dates prevents atherosclerosis, the main cause for the occurrence of heart attack.


7. Regulate blood pressure.

If you suffer from hypertension, you are free to eat dates. Dates don’t contain sodium but are rich in potassium. Also, dates contain magnesium which is essential for a healthy bloodstream.

8. Prevent stroke.

Thanks to the potassium they contain, the dates can prevent stroke, if you regularly consume them.



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