Natural Juice You Should Drink 10 Days Before The Holiday To Have A Bronze Tan

Want to darker while you’re on vacation, but do not want to overly forests skin?
Have this drink a few weeks before the holiday, drink every day and expect compliments about your tan.

You need:
2 carrots
1 piece fresh pumpkin
1 apple

Simply, place all ingredients in a juicer, and can optionally add other fruits for flavor.
Add a little lemon juice for vitamin C and drink this juice daily before breakfast.
Start the habit at least 10 days before the holiday, while you tan, make sure to eat at least one carrot a day.


The Secret of this juice is actually in carrots that contain beta carotene, which protects the skin from UV rays, restores cells and causes much faster changing skin pigment in the sunlight.

If you regularly eat carrots, you can sunbathe on the pleasant sun and you will go home with more than satisfactory results.


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