What To Eat If You Are Hungry Before Exercise?

Everything you enter before, during and after a workout affects the success of it.
The most important thing is not to make the sporting effort with a full stomach.

Well, if you’re hungry before exercise, what it’s good to eat?

1. Fresh fruit.
fresh fruit.jpg

The list of fruits that you can and can not eat before exercise is almost infinite, and it is best to choose seasonal fruit or the one that fits your body.
– Bananas are a great energy bomb.

2. Raising energy – sweets or?
snack cereals.jpg

Try to resist the sweet stuff and replace them with dark chocolate or biscuits stroked with cereals.

3. Eggs.
boiled eggs.jpg

Eggs are healthiest when boiled. For their preparation you will not spend a lot of time. Before a workout is good to eat a whole egg and you will not only be fed, but also you can practice freely.

4. Yogurt.

Sufficient is one cup delicious yogurt 15 minutes before workout and sure you will not be hungry until the end of your workout and you can move freely too.




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