Consume This Food To Improve Your Metabolism

As we get older our metabolism slows.
To keep in good shape, despite the continuous mode with exercise it is necessary to consume food that helps its maintenance and extension.

1) Almonds


People may be skeptical about how almonds help the metabolism due to the large number of calories and fat they contain, but they are extremely rich in protein (15 grams in half a cup), fiber (8 grams in ½ cup), and healthy fats that are necessary to improve the metabolism.

2) Spinach

Closeup Top View Vegetarianism Healthy EatingVegetables such as spinach which is rich in iron are essential for energy. They also contain a large amount of fibers that cause the body to consume more energy in the process of their digestion.

3) Avokado

avocado-933060_960_720Avokado is one of the “miracle foods” of nature, because it is packed with some of the best nutrients for the body, including hair, several vitamins, glutathione, lutein and folate.
Another important component is carnitine, a substance in the body that is essential for energy production and maintaining a high metabolism.

4) Salmon


An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon improves metabolism by decreasing stress hormones and blood sugar levels.

5) Broccoli

5941767410_f2a97afa2b_bBroccoli is full of vitamin C and calcium, important ingredients to improve metabolism.
Vitamin C assists the combustion of 30% more fat during exercise.
Studies have also shown that 1000 milligrams of calcium contribute to reducing dietary fat and enhance metabolism that melts.


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