Find Out What Eats Jennifer Lopez (47) To Look Like She Is 27 Years Old?

When we talk about youthful and firm look, we often think of Jennifer Lopez.
You can spend hours on her Instagram and there you will find that strenuous workouts and a healthy diet are the key to her look.
Specifically, strict diet and strict rules are the price to pay to look 2 decades younger.

What exactly does and eats Jennifer Lopez?

The meals never include processed food.

Everything she eats has an organic origin.
A typical lunch includes salmon and a salad of various vegetables – broccoli, peppers and zucchini with vinegar, and kale with pumpkin seeds.
For dinner, adores pork and chicken, along with some quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes.

Snacks wise.
jlo fruit

“I always have snacks with me, but below snacks I mean fruits and vegetables,” says Jennifer Lopez when asked how she withstands the day when there are even a few recording sessions.

Do not stick to just one kind of exercise.

Jennifer Lopez has two personal trainers who assemble different mode of exercise for her… and that’s the trick – not slipping into a routine.

Without vices.

You will never see Jennifer Lopez with a cigarette or coffee.
She admits that sometimes is drinking coffee, but that is very rare and is exclusively without caffeine.

Youthful skin does not want the sun.

“I’m rarely in the sun, but when I am, I get a ton of cream with SPF,” she says.
Also claims that her skin tone is tied for strictly avoiding alcohol and caffeine.
“These two things really wrinkle skin over the years.”

Protein shake.

Protein shake is easy to carry wherever you go, and that’s the secret of Jennifer Lopez when she is hungry.
She puts a little protein powder in a mixture of forest fruit, yogurt and honey.




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