Few Ways To Lose Weight Without Much Effort!

Sometimes it’s not the goal to spend the day in the gym or feel guilty if you have decided to try a little chocolate to be in top form.

But you need to have a few things in mind because of which without much effort, you will look great:

1. Wait 10 minutes.

Scientists say that the desire to eat something lasts 10 minutes and then leaves. This means that it is good to wait 10 minutes before you eat, and if you’re not really starving, then after that waiting you will not even reach for the fridge 😉

2. Do not sit too long.

This is a well known fact – sitting is bad for your health and for your desire to be in top shape because it slows metabolism.

3. Drink water.

It’s simple: our bodies often know thirst to replace with a feeling of hunger.
Therefore, when you get the hungry feeling first drink water.
If hunger does not pass for 10 to 20 minutes, then sit down to eat.

4. Forget about carbonated drinks.

In addition to being harmful to health, the majority of them are the cause of overweight, because they contain large amounts of sugars.

5. Say no to snacks.

Rather than reaching for snacks to satisfy your appetite, sit at the table and slowly eat a whole meal. Enjoy every bite.

6. Proteins are your best friend.

Proteins make you feel fed a longer period, so if you eat for breakfast and lunch meals that are rich in protein, it’s less likely to eat plenty of dinner.

7. If you want to exercise, cardio exercise.

No need to lift weights, it’s enough to exercise cardio and be in top form.

8. Use smaller plates.

It is scientifically proven that we eat 22% less food when we eat from a plate which is smaller for whole 5 centimeters.
smaller plate.jpg

9. Do not use the elevator.

Instead, go home stairs.

10. Forget about alcohol.

In addition it stimulates appetite, alcohol makes you fat.
For example, a glass of wine contains 85 calories, and a beer from 150 to 200 calories. The worst option certainly are mild cocktails.

11. Why reject a pizza?

You want pizza? Why not.
Several slices of pizza will not harm you, but only if you look out what’s in it!

12. Popcorn in the cinema.

Instead of chips or something sweet when watching a movie in the cinema, it is always better to choose the popcorn.

13. Go bowling with your family.

If you can not exercise in winter, then a great alternative exercise is bowling, which consumes even 500 calories in two hours.

14. Dance to early morning.

If you are at a party, not sit still, but feel the music and dance as much as you want.

15. Make your cleaning mode.

Every day a little bit of something. One day dusting, another day ironing facilities etc.




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