10 Most Fattening Professions

Although all believe that diet is the only way that affects weight, there are several factors that determine obesity.

For example, new research shows that weight depends on the job you have chosen.

Bellow you can see the list of 10 professions and jobs that are most fattening:

1. Working in a travel agency.

2. Lawyer.

3. Social worker.

4. Teacher, Professor.

5. Designer or Architect.

6. Administrative Worker.

7. Physicists and Scientists.

8. Police Officers and Fire Fighters.
fire f

9. Marketing and PR.

10. Any position in Information Technology.

Common to these 10 jobs is high levels of stress, because they are trying to meet others’ needs and requirements, and are in constant sitting position.

These two factors are the most common cause of overeating and seeking solace in food.

If it is found on the list, at least you can do is frequent breaks for short walk, drink plenty of water, practicing physical activities after working hours and relax.


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