Breakfasts That You Should Avoid In Order Not To Gain Weight!

Cereal or granola? Eggs or something with carbohydrates? Yogurt? Cup of coffee?
The choice of breakfast can really affect your figure.


So, therefore, every morning choose a rich, healthy and a plentiful breakfast that will long keep you satiated.

Here’s what to choose and what not for breakfast:

1. Avoid granola, eat clean cereals.

Granola contains a lot of hidden sugar, but if you choose to do it home, by yourself, from cereals, you will have a far healthier choice (combine grains, nuts, coconut, cinnamon and honey and you’ll have delicious homemade granola).

2. Instead of less fat dairy products, choose full-fat.

It is always best to choose full-fat dairy products for breakfast.

3. Replace carbohydrates with proteins.

Among other things, a protein meal is far healthier and will keep you fuller longer period.  So for example, for breakfast is good to select eggs.
Do not eat only egg whites, eat the whole eggs. Egg yolk contains cholesterol and more fat, but that does not mean that you should completely stop to eat it.

5. Replace purchased orange juice with a home drained.

Purchased juices have more sugar than domestic. Replace them with freshly squeezed orange juice.
6. Instead of muesli bar, make oatmeal with fruit.

The first contains a large amount of sugars and the homemade bowl of cereal with fresh or dried fruit is not only with less calories, but it’s far healthier.

7. Do not eat on the go, but at home.

It is not good to move around while you eat breakfast, because you don’t look at how many calories you enter and you don’t chew the food well.


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