4 Signs That The Diet You Hold Is Dangerous For Your Health!

Looking for a diet that will allow fast slimming, people often approach to a diet that is detrimental to the body.
You can exhaust your body with various diets that promise miraculous effects for a short time and you can temporarily lose a few kilos.
But you will make a permanent damage to your health.

Here are 4 signs that reveal whether a diet is harmful and dangerous to health:

1. Fast weight loss.

If you lose more than 2 kilos a week, it is likely that in fact you lose fluids from the body, so as soon as you stop with the diet you will easily return the kilos.

2. Entering less than 1,500 calories per day.

remove-1388783_960_720If you count calories, keep in mind that the daily intake shouldn’t be less than 1,500 calories.
If the calorific value of the food consumed falls below this limit, you risk to slow down metabolism, and to restore quickly the pounds after finishing the diet.

3. “Cleaning” the body

Detoxification of the body not only cleanses the body of nutrients, but also destroys the “good” bacteria and makes difficulties to the digestive system.
At the same time, leads to dehydration of the body and slows down the natural purification, liver, kidneys and skin.

4. Only one kind of groceries

This type of diet deprives the body of necessary nutrients.
The lack can be the cause of many diseases, such as osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, heart disease and serious decline in immunity.


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