Few Steps To Reveal Skin Cancer!

Malignant melanoma is a skin cancer that originates from the melanocytes.
Melanoma often develops from an existing moles on the skin.
Early detection of melanoma is vital, because in most cases, it can be removed with a minor surgery.

Prevention and early detection of melanoma is very important and can be accomplished with regular visits to the dermatologist and with self reviews of the whole body.

The following steps will help you to distinguish between benign nevus and nevus suspicious for malignant melanoma.

1. Asymmetry

Moles that are not suspicious for malignant melanoma in most cases are symmetrical.
if you drag an imaginary line that runs through the middle, you get two almost identical halves.
In case halves to be asymmetrical it might be melanoma.

2. Borders – Limits

Benign nevus is characterized by well-defined and regular edges.
The suspicious mole has irregular,undefined edges so often the boundary between the mole and surrounding skin is unclear.

3. Color

Benign nevus has pigmentation in one color .
Moles that have multiple colors (black, various shades of brown, red, dark blue, gray, traces of white paint) are suspicious for malignant melanoma .

4. Diameter

Malignant melanoma is usually larger dimensions than 6 mm, so if you notice this you should consult a dermatologist.

5. Evolution

Any change in the mole in terms of color, shape or size, which can be accompanied by itching, increased
sensitivity or bleeding, should be taken seriously and visit a dermatologist.

if you notice any of these modiffication on your moles or skin it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.!

NOTE : Having some of the previous symptoms doesn’t always mean having melanoma but it
could help you to notice any suspicious change and immediately consult a dermatologist!


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