Few Powerful Combinations Of Food For Better Health

The proper combination of certain products is a powerful protection against many diseases and will improve your appearance and your line. Therefore, begin to create meals smarter, not faster.

Here are few combinations you need to attend to your diet:

Green Tea + Lemon = Healthier Heart And Lower Cancer risk
Green Tea and Lemon are two super foods that you should regularly attend to your diet. The good news is that when consumed together, their power increases.
It has been proven that lemon juice in green tea reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Many squeeze the lemon in the green tea to improve the taste, not knowing that with that procedure you make another good – increase the absorption of beneficial antioxidants.

Green Tea + Black Pepper = Thinner Waist
Studies have shown that black pepper increases the absorption of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) by 130%. EGCG is the substance in green tea which accelerates the burning of calories.
Add half teaspoon pepper in the green tea. It may not be particularly tasty, but you must admit that this combination is a better option than keeping a strict diet.

Scrambled Eggs +  Red Peppers = Smoother Skin
– Red peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, and studies show that women who consume more vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and less likely to suffer from dry skin.
Simply add one chopped pepper in your eggs in the morning and your skin will thank you.

Tomatoes + Broccoli = Strong Protection Against Cancer
Both tomatoes and broccoli contain anticancer substances, but together offer even greater protection against cancer.
The researchers found that this combination slows the growth of prostate tumors, but still no explanation why. “We know that dust from tomatoes slows the growth of tumors. We know that broccoli do the same. But it would take years to know why “- said John Erdman, a professor at the University of Illinois, who conducted a lot of research about cancer.

Tomatoes and olive oil = Tight young skin and increased immunity
oil-1383546_960_720– The combination of tomatoes with olive oil is popular because it is very tasty but also very healthy. Consumption of tomatoes with olive oil improves the texture of the skin, strengthens and maintains her youthful appearance.
Moreover, the researchers argue that olive oil helps the absorption of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is abundant in cooked tomatoes.

Cereals + Sunflower = A Better Immunity
Sunflower seeds contain α-tocopherol, the active form of vitamin E, which in the role of antioxidant protects cells against free radicals.
In other words, vitamin E helps in the protection against cancer and heart disease.
It is sufficient to put only half cup of sunflower seeds to your meal with grains to enter the recommended daily dose α-tocopherol.

Oatmeal + Strawberries = Healthier Heart
Oats contain two important phytochemicals, which in combination with vitamin C from strawberries reduce the harmful effect of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. Thanks to this reduces the risk of heart disease and risk of heart attack.
For breakfast you can eat oatmeal and put fresh strawberries.
If you do not have strawberries, put other fruits rich in vitamin C (such as blueberries).

Apple + Cranberry = Protection From Head To Toe
Apples and cranberries are rich in antioxidants. But when you put them together, you get more antioxidants than if consumed separately.
Along with the apple, take at least a hand full of dried cranberries for your body to use their maximum effect.



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