The Following Tips Can Help You To Feel Better And Face The Physical Consequences Of Overeating.

It has happened to all of us to lose self-control before dinner table full of delicious delicacies and then face the physical consequences of overeating.


In such a case, the following tips can help you to feel better:

Ginger chew or get a drink of ginger tea.
It has been proven that ginger is an effective natural remedy for nausea, flatulence, bloating and standard abdominal pain.
For fastest results, just take a piece of ginger and chew it.
If you submit a strong taste of ginger, you do not have to eat raw, but do your ginger tea.

Mint tea.
Mint tea is the savior in abdominal pain, bloating and cramps.
Cup of tea when you have this problem can help you to reduce them, and having a cup of tea in the evening before bed can help soothe these problems,  and make easier falling asleep.

Chamomile tea. 17521733_10212447351127601_569797731_o
If you do not like mint tea, you can replace it with chamomile tea.
Calming effect of chamomile will relax you and your belly.

Go for a walk.
dt.common.streams.StreamServer Do not lie down immediately after heavy meal.
Defeat the need for lazily lying and go on a walk.
The move will help the body easier and faster to handle the food that has been consumed.


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